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Vino Versum Poysdorf

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Vino Versum Poysdorf – our name is synonymous with the universal experience connected with grapes, wine and viticulture in the Wine Town of Austria. Poysdorf has much to offer tourists but its main attraction, its centre and first point of contact, is the WEIN+TRAUBEN Welt (The WINE+GRAPE World).

The special WINE+GRAPE World resembles a historically developed town. The entrance via the modern, light-flooded Wine Market leads to a piazza with the Grape Hall and the historic Ecksteinhaus (The Cornerstone House) with its grape cinema. Deep below Brünner Straße (Brünner Street), visitors can wander through a cellar tunnel to the Baroque public hospital with its romantic outdoor area and vineyard. Fully equipped wine press houses, a cellar full of barrels and the Poysdorf Pressenmuseum show the development of viticulture up to the present day

We complete our offer with tours of the Cellar Lanes, Tractor Tours, or a visit to a renowned Poysdorf Winery.

Grape Hall

Poysdorf is the town of the grape. The fruit of the vine, borne by the biblical explorers, has been the symbol of Poysdorf for centuries. Taking the monumental sculpture of Poysdorf’s coat of arms as their starting point, visitors can explore the history of wine.

Children can let off steam in the Indoor Grape Playground. .
The Poysdorf “Bottle Parliament” offers a humorous take on the exploration of the National Council, while the station “Vom Winzer zum Wirten” (From Winegrower to Innkeeper) tells the story of the last 200 years of tavern history.


Poysdorf’s Treasury

In 1600, Poysdorf changed into a rich market town in just one generation. The clever citizens issued a ban on wine imports and made good use of their excellent contacts to the Imperial Court in Vienna. Wine made Poysdorf wealthy. Late Renaissance finds, which were discovered in Poysdorf, show how fashionably Poysdorf citizens were dressed around 1650. The most beautiful coins, only discovered in 1995, can be admired. Masterpieces from the parish of Poysdorf, such as a silver goblet made in Augsburg in 1696, still bear witness to the prosperity and appreciation of art of the ancient inhabitants of Poysdorf.


20 Interactive Stations  are waiting in the WINE+GRAPE World of Vino Versum Poysdorf for you to try them out. With the aid of a derTime Machine, visitors rush through 150 million years of Poysdorf history. In the battle of the genealogical trees, two aristocratic families wrestle for power. The visual journey enables the digital exploration of historical paintings: for example a portrait of Otto von Bismarck starts speaking to you, and in the Winzerfestraum (Wine Festival Room) one can hop up onto a barrel for a Bacchus-selfie.


Special Exhibition: KELLER.KULTUR.ERBE

The special “KELLER.KULTUR.ERBE” (CELLAR.CULTURE.HERITAGE) Exhibition is dedicated to the well-known Weinviertel (wine region) cellar lanes, the so-called typical “villages without chimneys”, and shows for the first time the history of the wine cellars and of wine storage based on scientific research. Europe’s impressive wine cellar architectures are closely examined as well as the development and use of wine cellars, and the forming of cellar lanes. Visitors can consider the following question: Are the Weinviertel cellar lanes ready to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage site?


Cellar Lane Tours

Bürsting, Radyweg, Grazerberg are just three of the ten cellar lanes that the Wine Town of Poysdorf has to offer. A favourite is the “Kellergstetten” at the foot of the parish church. Around a village green with ancient trees, the wine press houses form a unique picture. In the “Radyweg” six wine press houses have been transformed into interactive Show Cellars: “Klangerwecken” (Sound Awakening), “Camera Obscura”, “Lössgästebuch” (Löss Guestbook) or “Kellersanduhr” (Cellar Hourglass) are just a few of the unique attractions you can find here.


Tractor Tours

From your seat high, up on a historic fire brigade trailer accompanied by a city guide, you can comfortably visit the Sights of the Wine Town. The pilgrimage church called Maria Bründl, the Poysdorf Explorers, and the picturesque Cellar Lanes are just a few of our many points of interest full of history and tales.


Experience Modern Wineries

Winegrowers personally lead visitors through their cellars and entertain them with interesting facts, but also with stories and secrets surrounding Viticulture and Wine Cellar Management. Guests can experience all of this – up close – on site. Afterwards visitors can take part in Wine Tasting with bread and enjoy expert discussions, in a cosy atmosphere.

  • Grape Hall with Grape Playground
  • Wine Cinema
  • Former public hospital with St. Barbara’s Chapel
  • Annually Changing Special Exhibition
  • Outdoor Area with Vineyard
  • Wine Market and Regional Shop
  • Accessible


Special Offers for Groups and School Classes (must book in advance!)

  • Themed tours through the Exhibition Grounds and the Special Exhibition
  • Programme of Activities
  • Combo Offers


Palm Sunday – St. Leopold’s Day (15 November)

Daily: 10:00 – 18:00 (Last Admission: 17:00)



  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 14:00
  • Every 1st Sunday of the month (May – October): 15:00 The Betty Bernstein Tour
  • Must book in advance!

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EUR 18.00     Family Ticket

Child (U6):     FREE

Prices include a sample of our wine or grape juice


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