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Barrier-free surfing on 

The portal of Top Lower Austrian Attractions wants to be accessible to everyone – without any restrictions. For this reason, to make the content easier to access, we have tried to remove barriers and offer users additional help.

By “accessible”, we mean, to make the content and end devices accessible to as many user groups (also people with handicaps such as visual impairment or motor disabilities) as possible. 
To clearly identify links, additional information (so-called link titles) is sometimes available. In order for this information to be recovered via screen readers or text browsers, a corresponding configuration must be made in the user settings. 

We try to provide all images with ‘alt attributes’, which can then be displayed as alternatives to the images. As a result, images can be captured by screen readers and the alternative text read to the corresponding image.

Scrolling Using the Keyboard 

By pressing the arrow keys up and down you can scroll the page in a particular direction.


Search & Find on 

Look for this button at the top left-hand corner of the webpage. Click to open the menu for navigation or search field. With this you can easily search this site for one or more keywords. 


Change the Display Size of the Whole Homepage 

To enlarge the whole appearance of the homepage (including pictures, graphics, etc.), press the Ctrl key (Windows) or cmd key (Mac), stay on it and press + to enlarge and – to minimise. 

Please note that this size change may result in display errors, depending on the browser. Also, take note that the operation may vary depending on the browser. For example, in the View / Zoom menu of Firefox deselect the “Zoom only text” option. Again, you may want to use the help of your browser.


Change the font size using the button

Look for this button at the top right-hand corner of the webpage.
You can change the font size on this website at any time by clicking on the “A, A, A”. Pictures and graphics do not change in size. 


Screen Reader

A screen reader is a software application that allows a visually impaired or blind user to access the Internet. It reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice and always reads exactly the text on which the focus is currently located.

Well-known screen readers are: (Windows) (Apple)


PDF Reader

To view PDF files, you need the FREE Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. This software application allows you to read, manage and print PDF files.
Click here for the latest version on the Adobe Acrobat download page.


Since the accessibility is also aimed at the contents of the website, and these are constantly being updated and renewed, it can also happen that despite all our efforts that one or more pages will not be “barrier-free”. In this case, we apologise and ask you to report problems and forward suggestions to the webmaster’s e-mail address. 

The Top Lower Austrian Attractions will do its best to improve these situations as soon as possible.